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The D24-MagicONE was born from the synthesis of years of productions and experiences for other companies. All metal, two seating capacity (side by side), single strut braced high-wing monoplane, piston single-engine.

It is a great aircraft, the top of the class, unmatched by any competitor, it's easy, fun, comfortable and excellent for travelling, moreover at a very competitive price.

The MagicONE is ideal for the school and for beginners but with incredible capacity of cruising speed (120 knots) and a wide flight envelope (stall speed about 32 knots), superb flying features, with neutral handling makes it extremely stable and easy to fly.

  Fly with the MagicONE is a real pleasure!



The MagicONE is a traditional aircraft in the forms and in the structures, while it is inclined in the aerodynamics, with a design at recovery of pressure and low coefficient of aerodynamic resistance.
It is built in aluminum alloy, a real aeronautical manufacture, the ultimate expression of the sheet metal structure comparable to any general aviation aircraft and even better. The project is developed around a production plan method that allows the total industrialization of the aircraft.
The strong point of the MagicONE is the wing, it has a laminar airfoil and semi-tapered plant with the adoption of a integrated fixed slat in the airfoil for 70% of the span, fowler flaps and ailerons at high efficiency. All of this allows a low stall speed and a remarkable cruise (and maximum) speed. A cruiser aircraft, excellent for aviation jobs.



The large cabin and comfortable seats makes the plane very roomy and provides greater flexibility for pilots of varying physical size to optimize their comfort.
With the wide doors and electrically adjustable seats, combined the classic dual yoke allow an easy access into the MagicONE.
Its generous interior, spacious, a convenient glove box in center console and available load of luggage compartment with excellent visibility is a very enjoyable plane for transfers and monitoring.




EXECUTIVEGlass Cockpit
CLUBBasic Equipments + COM & XPDR
STANDARDBasic Equipments
Available in KIT


Max Cruise Speed (80%)220 km/h120 KTAS
Cruise Speed (65%)200 km/h110 KTAS
Low Cruise Speed (55%)180 km/h100 KTAS
Stall Speed (Flap Down)60 km/h32 KTAS
Take Off Run105 mt345 ft
Landing Run115 mt377 ft
Rate of Climb6,6 m/s1300 fpm
Range1100 km590 nm

ENGINE  Rotax 912ULS
MaxPower: 73.5 KW (100hp)
Fuel Consumption: 17 lt/h (4,5 US gal)

3-Blade Fixed Pitch


Overall Lenght7,13 mt23,0 ft
Wing Span8,69 mt28,5 ft
Overall Height2,29 mt7,5 ft
Cabin Width (at shoulder)1,17 mt3,28 ft
Cabin Height (seat to cover)0,96 mt3,15 ft
Max Seating Capacity2
Max Gross Weight472,5 kg1040 lb
Standard Empty Weight303,5 kg670 lb
Baggage Allowance25 kg55 lb
Fuel Tank Capacity (Useable)90 lt6,6 US gal

Specifications subject to change without notice. Always consult the Aircraft Flight Manual or contact Albaviation.

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