Albaviation has developed metallic floats for the amphibious configuration for ultralight and light-sport aircrafts.
The Floats are built completely in aluminum alloy, anticorrosive treatment and quality marine sealant makes them very watertight.

They have separate waterproofed sections by full-sized bulkheads, in case of any leackage or damage, water will not penetrate into other sections. A ‘walkway’ stiffener on the top and a rugged keel, each float has a rudder on the back to improve the control on water.

The Floats are very lighter in order to minimize performance loss when adding them on the aircraft. Any component are produced with cnc machines, all the parts are pre-holed, so the replacement parts fit perfectly.

D-Floats UL3

for ultralight aircraft (1150 lbs)
3 wheels, wgt. 54kg (119 lb)

D-Floats LS3

for light sport aircraft (1450 lbs)
3 wheels, wgt. 63kg (138 lb)

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Projects In Progress

D18 - Starfire

Low-wing aircraft, two seating capacity, single-engine, all-metal with semi-tapered wing.
Comfortable and large cockpit will keep you relaxed during long and cross country flights, excellent handling qualities and flight stability will fun you. High performances and durable metal airframe.
The development state of the production plan is about 90%.


D28 - Scout

The D28 will be your personal aircraft!
A very light high-wing STOL aircraft single-seater, it will take off in less than 40m combined with the 10 minutes folding wings, it does not require of an hangar space, just a trailer to load the Scout (it weighs only 120kg) and go to the airfield you want.... or if someone owns an adequate plot of land... he will fly from his property.
It's a convetional metallic aircraft comparable to superior category. It apply the German 120 Klasse, FAR Part. 103, UK SSDR.

Future Project

D16 - Explorer

All-metal twin-engine aircraft will carry up to 6 persons at high speed over long distances in places that jets simply can't go.
It is designed without compromise for the way you want to live, will be an exceptionally easy plane to fly, with superior handling characteristics and responsiveness, even at low speeds.
It will be far more versatile, burn less fuel, and able to maintain a low approach speed, so will be operative as well as in large airports, even in short runways or in unpaved strips (because of the specific landing gear for all types of ground) and maybe you arrive at your destination faster.



The company is specialized in the design and manufacturing of metallic light aircrafts.
During its story has designed, planned, industrialized and manufactured various aircrafts, from the high-wing STOL aircraft up to the high-performances low-wing with retractable gear.
Albaviation has developed an exclusive method of Production Plan at CNC, any single component is cutted with numerical control machines, pre-holed and ready for the final assembling. This allow a saving of 50% of the production time (and resulted costs) with the finest precision of a machine. The best application is in complex airframes in order to obtain an easy and quickly production.

Production Plan

Production Plan

From 3D model to pre-holed parts

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Production for other Companies

STORM - StormAircraft | Complete Airframe Production

YUMA - Alisport | Complete Airframe Production

FX1 - Innovaviation | Wings and Empennage Production

Clients Gallery

Various Production

Manufacturing Demonstration


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Albaviation is an aircraft manufacturing company.
Its mission is to have a range of products from the classic trainer high-wing ideal for flight schools to the small biz twin-engine.

With experiences gained in the productions for other companies, combined the internal development team allows the processing of high-end aerostructures.
Albaviation's focus is on the industrialization solutions for advanced manufacturing and lean production.

The first project that the company introduce is the D24-MagicONE, a high-wing monoplane light-sport aircraft. Careful construction, attractive design and excellent performance for its category.

The company is located in ITALY (Montegiorgio - FM).

+39.335.828.0914 info@albaviation.comSkype: albaviation

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