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Albaviation is a company of aircraft manufacturing. Its philosophy is to have a series of products beginning from the classical school-trainer high-wing up to the small twin-engine. The company does it departs of an aircraft team, using its center of research, whose planners, of high professionalism, allow the construction of technological advanced products, whose research don't limit to as introduced. The company is specialized in the planning of metallic light aircraft. During its history it has planned and industrialized various airplanes, through its exclusive system, it building any component with numeric control machine. This system allows a saving of the 50% of the construction time of the metallic structures, of any type. It has CNC machine, like as much as necessary for the production.
The first project, that the company introduces in the market is the D24-MagicONE, an all-metal, single piston engine, high-wing monoplane with a two-persons seating capacity, fine manufacturing and good performance for its category.
The company is located at the Airfield Val Vibrata, Corropoli TE, ITALY
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